Ronix Valcom M50
Ronix Valcom M50
Ronix Valcom M50

Ronix Valcom M50

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Whether you are into skim style shapes, longboards, thick, thin, fast, loose, or locked designs this covers the widest spectrum of styles. The shape is our new M50 (50th model we have created) for the surfer that is looking for the all-in-one quiver.
  • Front Pad - Wax Mat Direct
  • Rear Pad – Machined EVA
  • Arch Support & Extra Tall Tail Wedge
  • New Floating Fins with a Tool-Less Stronger Fin-S Spring System
  • 1 Carbon Symmetric 3.0” & 2 Asymmetric 3.5” Fins
  • Liquid Lava High Temp Surf Resin
  • Air Vents Inserted in EVA Tail Wedge
  • Core - Handmade by Robots