Ronix Marshmellow Thrasher

Ronix Marshmellow Thrasher

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A similar shape to our most high end performing deck - The Thruster - just constructed with a more impact proven layup. The Marshmellow Thrasher combines the best elements of speed, weight and durability in wake-surfing.
Marshmellow - Made with a similar core to our more expensive Koal surfers - the Marshmellow has a slow- roasted cook to it and a soft top exterior. The result is the performance and weight of our surf constructed decks, the durability of a soft-top, yet produced for surfers on a budget.
  • Marshmellow Construction
  • Machined EVA top deck
  • Bottom - mounted Surf Fins
  • Handmade by Robots
  • Vacuum Bag with Epoxy Resin

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