Raptor Party Shark Kneeboard
Raptor Party Shark Kneeboard
Raptor Party Shark Kneeboard

Raptor Party Shark Kneeboard

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Party Shark Kneeboard


Its time to party!

Brand New for 2022 – the party shark brings the fun back to kneeboarding, giving everyone the chance to party!  The Party Shark is built to suit all kneeboarders.


The overall shape is forgiving and easy to use, and SUPER FUN! A swallow tail design helps to give the rider extra stability, as well as more traction for turning and edging. Using a wide tip , and a shaped tip, provides a comfortable ride with soft landings. These two elements still give you the edge hold through the wake for explosive pop without sacrificing forgiveness. Using a wider nose and 2 Stage rocker, this enables board to ride higher in the water and combined with the side profile of the overall shape, provide awesome pop off the wake and easier landings with a softer, deeper sunken kneepad. 



2 Stage Rocker - riding higher and giving a greater, more explosive pop off the top of the wake

Swallow Tail for more control and easier turning

PU Foam keeps the board light & strong

Full Length Railed Channels - Provide the ultimate edge hold all the way to the top of the wake

Wider Overall Profile giving you a comfortable ride and soft landings

Wide Dual Density Ergonomic Pad for support and comfort